Earn your Q

What are Q-Points?

"Q-Points" is our membership reward program for recommending us and for being active on the platform. After collecting enough Q-Points you can later pay with them your own Qodes. It is easy, fun and fast to earn Q-POINTS! Make yourself an Ambassador of HEALTH.

Whenever you made good experience with Q, we would appreciate if you recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues by clicking the red COPY button above on this page (at can be seen once you are logged in). Do something good to others and gain from it. 

External earning Q-POINTS
  • After being logged in, you get an extended "EARN Q"-section with your personal referral link and with your personal statistics.
  • Press the above placed red button "COPY" - Then send this link e.g. in WhatsApp to anyone you want to do a favour in health.
  • Whenever the person you recommended Q to is registering an account, you and him/her will automatically each get 50 Q-Points on your accounts.
  • With registration you and the new member can attend potential Promo-Code Programs with reduced pricing for a certain time period
  • Each 10th new registered user based on your recommendation will add an extra bonus as of 500 Q-Points to your account.
  • The registered new user, who was recommended you you will stay lifetime long connected to your Q-POINTS account.
  • Whenever the persons you recommended Q to, are ordering and paying a Q, you will be automatically rewarded with 100 Q-Points per Q on your account. Lifetime long, whenever your community uses a Q!
  • Kindly be aware that the recommendation links on bottom of this APP do not refer to your personal Q-POINTS program.
Internal earning Q-POINTS
  • Each feedback rating (1-10) of a used Q by yourself under menu "MY Q" will be rewarded with 50 Q-Points. Each Q can be rated only once.
  • No rating, no points.
  • Each reference text which is sent to us will be rewarded with 30 Q-Points. Each Q can be referenced only once.
  • Each reference text, which will be published by Q-Team under menu "REFERENCES" will be rewarded with 200 Q-Points.
  • So never forget to give a short and precise feedback in the text box after you experienced the Q performance.


How to use Q-POINTS
  • After being logged in, you can check under the menu "EARN Q" your actual Q-POINTS statistics and your Q-Points history.
  • 100 Q-Points equal to 100 KES or 100 US-Cent.
  • Whenever you collected more than 300 Q-Points and you are in the process to buy a Q for yourself, then the Q-Point heart-icon will show up in payment methods. Just click on the heart when you see it, instead of other payment methods. You will get your Q for free then.
Your Advantages
  • The more you recommend us actively, ...
  • the more you communicate with us actively, ...
  • ... the more Q-Points you collect. 

In an optimal case you get all your needed Q medications for free. Wouldn*t free health support be cool? 

Thank you very much for your kind network help.